Trails of Cold Steel S-Crafts its way to PC on August 2


It’s time to brush up on Erebonian history

I don’t know about you, but summer has been a great season for Nihon Falcom’s titles. XSEED’s PC port of Ys Seven is on the horizon, andZwei: The Ilvard Insurrectionis making its debut in the West. Now we can complete this glorious occasion with The Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steelhitting Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on August 2.

Since the game is one of my favorite RPGs of2015, I’m glad that more people will get to explore Erebonia. While Trails of Cold Steel started off slow, its pacing worked well in getting people acquainted with the setting’s culture, conflicts, history, and inhabitants.

When you factor in XSEED’s decision to add 5,000 new voiced lines to this release, players are in forTrails of Cold Steel’sbest version. To top it off, Peter “Durante” Thoman, the modder who fixed Dark Soul’s PC port, is adding the finishing touches to the title. Based on his previous work, the game will run well on your machine.

Seeing that the title ended with an emotional cliffhanger, let’s hope that people won’t have to wait too long for its sequel to hit PC. If itdoes well, it could increase the chances ofTrails to Zero/Zero no Kiseki and Trails to Azure/Ao no Kisekigetting over the barrier. As we wait for August to arrive, you can read Durante’s blog about hisinvolvement with the gamehere.