Treyarch is porting Call of Duty: Ghosts to Wii U


For real this time

One of the silliest stories of late comes to a satisfying conclusion today. After Call of Duty: Ghosts was confirmed for Wii U (though the details were “mysterious”), the game’s producer said that, actually, he couldn’t be certain about the port, and then Official Nintendo Magazine stepped in to report that Treyarch would be taking care of the Wii U version. Yep, that’s it — that last one.

Providing an update on Facebook, Nintendo says that Ghosts will hit the Wii U on November 5, 2013 “with an all-new world, story, and powerful next-gen engine.” While Infinity Ward is handling development elsewhere, Treyarch will indeed be tasked with the port.

For those of you genuinely curious about it, Wii Remote and second-screen GamePad support are confirmed. Knowing how the DLC situation for Black Ops II on Wii U has gone down — it hasn’t, basically — I’d be wary of Ghosts for the time being. There’s also the whole lackluster-player-base issue, for that matter.