Trials of Mana Version 1.1.0 update will include bunny slippers



Square Enix has announced that it will release the latest update for fantasy adventure Trials of Mana on October 14. Version 1.1.0 will add two new difficulty settings along set to test the mettle of the most hardened adventurers.

The new update will offer access to the new “Very Hard” and “No Future” difficulty settings. The former can only be selected in New Game+ mode and will offer a greater challenge than Trials players have faced to date. No Future, however, is a whole other bag.

This new mode will not only return the player to level one, but will also increase the strength of all enemies and boss characters, will add a time limit to each fight, and will limit the usage of items and certain special abilities, making this a true test of skill for Trials of Mana experts.

And your reward for conquering this relentless, bloodthirsty challenge? Bunny slippers.

Yes, all players who complete Trials of Mana on the nightmarish No Future setting will receive these super cute Rabite slippers, ready to be outfitted to your favourite characters. This is what you will live for, this is what you will grind for, this is what you will die for. Look how happy Angela is in her new footwear. Do not let her down.

Trials of Mana is available now on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.