Peruvian brawler Tunche journeys onto PS4 later this week


The Lion Sweeps Tonight

Publisher HypeTrain and Peruvian indie outfit LEAP Game Studios have announced that gorgeous hand-drawn brawler Tunche is finally preparing to bring its stylized jungle rumble to the PS4 platform, following on from its previous 2021 release on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Tunche will be available to download from PlayStation Store Friday, March 25, priced at around $20.

For those that may have missed my review, (WHY did you miss my review?) Tunche is a multiplayer RPG/brawler set deep within the Amazonian Rainforest. After a strange, unexplained phenomenon sees all of the jungle’s flora and fauna turn against itself, a party of four locals decides to venture into the darkest and most dangerous regions of the forest, hoping to solve the mystery, restore order, and bring peace and tranquility back to the land. To do this, however, they must confront the forest spirit Tunche itself.

A party of players can choose from our four very distinct heroes — joined on their quest by the loveable “Hat Kid” of A Hat in Time fame — before battling their way through several unique zones, taking on enemies and bosses while earning “Essence” with which to unlock new skills and abilities. While Tunche’s combat is very much of the side-scrolling beat-’em-up caliber, it should be noted that the game is a roguelite at heart, rewarding persistence and patience as player restart their quest, again and again, a little wiser (and more powerful) for wear with each new challenge.

For more details on Tunche‘s characters, mechanics, and in-game features, be sure to check out our full review right here.

Tunche launches March 25 on PS4. It is available right now on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.