Two deals on today's Sims 4 Get To Work expansion


Meet expansion 1 of 27

The “Get To Work” expansion pack to The Sims 4 was released earlier today on Origin for $39.99. The first of what is expected to be many (and we’re talking many), the expansion allows you to further enrich your in-game persona with a deadbeat job – e.g., being a robot writing algorithmically generated paragraphs on a website.

Those looking to snag a copy this week can save from22% to 25%, depending on if you want to go digital or physical.

Get to Work Expansion Deals:

Surprisingly the cheaper option is actually the physical copy (by $1.21 – enough for a 99 cents burger). Although if you’re a hardcore Sims 4 fan and you want to get in on the action right away, getting the Origin key at GMG is generally the faster route. Note that Amazon’s deal requires reaching $35 to receive free shipping, unless you have prime.

As of writing, The Sims 4 has 1 DLC pack along with 1 expansion pack. Let’s check back in six months to see where the tally is at.