U2 song forced onto your iPhone is now coming to Rock Band


Only band with two tracks

The wait is over…@U2 is coming to Rock Band. Play “I Will Follow” and “Cedarwood Road” in #RockBand4.https://t.co/jzAnmcnUiu

— Rock Band (@RockBand) September 28, 2015

Harmonix has announced two new songs for Rock Band 4 through its official Twitter account. They are both U2 jams. “Cedarwood Road” from the group’s debut and “I Will Follow” from 2014’s Songs of Innocence, which I assume people are only familiar with because it became a running joke after automatically adding itself to all iTunes libraries with the iPhone 6.

I was looking at the fancy cheese section of my local grocery store last night, window shopping a bit because money’s got me curbing that cheese lust, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” was playing at which point I thought, 1) weird song to be casually playing in a grocery store, all things considered, but so inoffensive no one really notices, and 2) U2’s a bit of a silly band. Then I bought three carrots, a zucchini, and some milk to make a delicious carrot soup.

I wonder if U2 is the only band trickling in (and with two songs!) ahead of Rock Band 4‘s launch next month, given that we supposedly got a final (U2-free) set list recently.