Ubisoft acquire Brawlhalla developer Blue Mammoth Games


‘We have some power in our corner now.’

Blue Mammoth Games, the indie-studio behind free-to-play fighter Brawlhalla, are an indie no more. The 21-strong team have announced that they have been acquired by big-time publisher Ubisoft.

Matt Woomer, head honcho of the Georgia-based studio, excitedly announced the news via a statement to the press, where he spoke of how pleased the studio were to have been picked up, also stressing that they would continue to push forward with Brawlhalla, and that it would remain a free-to-play title.

“The list of ways this is good for Brawlhalla is so long, I literally don’t know where to start,” stated Woomer. “We have some power in our corner now; we’re now backed by a big ten publisher known for many of the best and most creative games out there.”

“So, what does this mean for Brawlhalla? Only good things... We will have more stability and more resources to improve the game and add new features… We will get opportunities to raise Brawlhalla’s profile among gamers. And we’ll be able to confidently share a roadmap with you for the next years of Brawlhalla development.

Brawlhalla is available now on PS4 and PC.