Ubisoft's ARG points to a new Tom Clancy reveal next week


Ghost Recon? Rainbow Six?

For quite some time now, Ubisoft has used Ghost Recon Wildlandsas a vessel for the announcement of an announcement. A few months back, Wildlandswas updated to receive teasers about a mysterious corporation called Skell Technology. Through some sleuthing, people figured out a login and password combination to access the video that’s embedded above — an overview on Skell’s drone division.

It’s all seemingly coming to a head next week. The newest development is an invitation to a fictional event called “Skell Con” that’s set to take place on May 9 at 11:30am Pacific. The expectation is that it’ll be a game reveal for something that falls under the Tom Clancyumbrella. The leading theory is that this will be a Ghost Recontitle, but it could also be Rainbow Sixor something entirely new.

One thing is pretty much certain: All these helpful drones are almost definitely going to be used nefariously. We know the enemy (probably), and it’s just six more days until we know the game (probably).

Ghost Recon teaser suggests we’ll see a new Tom Clancy game announced May 9 [PCGamesN]