Ubisoft's Steep is scratching my SSX itch



That came out of nowhere! Ubisoft just announcedSteep, a new open-world snowboarding/skiing/paragliding/base jumping/skydiving that’s giving me serious SSXreboot vibes. Sure, that game lost some of the charm of the older games, but I always loved the ONE BIG MOUNTAIN concept.

I’m also digging the choice between first- and third- person camera angles. It looks damn pretty, and I’ll probably play the whole thing in first-person. It’s going for a interconnected world type of feel, so you can see other players throughout the world and join them in races and other activities. You can also take short breathers to use your binoculars and scout and new locations. There’s also what looks to be a fairly intuitive replay function, as well as the ability to create challenges for other players on the fly. Pretty cool.

Jumping off a mountain in a flying squirrel suit seems like a good time to me, as long as I never ever have to do it in real life. Steep is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC December 2016, and it’s being developed by Ubisoft Annecy.