UK retailer Simply Games appears to have ceased trading


Site has laid dormant since late-February

It is being reported that independent UK retailer Simply Games has ceased operations, following a dormant period for its retail site and an extended period of silence from the company’s owners.

As reported by VGC, became inaccessible shortly after the launch of the long-awaited FromSoftware release Elden Ring. Visiting the store’s website today results only in a sparse splash page with the very succinct message “We are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and expect to be back very soon! We appreciate your patience.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Simply Games might be going through something a little heavier than mere website maintenance, as some pre-order customers are reporting to have received quiet refunds for new releases such as Gran Turismo 7. Other customers are claiming that they are still waiting on previous deliveries to arrive. VGC also noted that eBay store “Boss Deals” — which is believed to be a Simply Games subsidiary — has removed all of its sale inventory.

The last communication from Simply Games management arrived via Twitter way back on February 17.

“We are currently implementing changes to our internal systems and reviewing our pre-order process, which is why we only have a limited display of products at the current time,” wrote the official Simply Games account. “This should be completed within the coming weeks and new titles will then be added to the website.”