Uncharted 4's free Survival expansion is now available


Terrors and wonders await you

Uncharted 4has been updated with a huge, free expansion that came out earlier today. Called the Survival update, the patch adds a new cooperative mode as well as a plethora of options for those who play the competitive multiplayer.Uncharted 4has had that competitive mode since day one, but the new Survival gametype allows players to work together to fend off waves of enemies.

The update takes up 3.8 gigabytes, so you may need to clear some space on your hard drive before starting the download. It includes two new maps, including one based on the crashed train that was a huge story point in Uncharted 2. There are also 5 new weapons based on older Unchartedgames, and music from Uncharted 2and 3will play in menus and other places throughout the game. Additionally, there are 10 more levels to earn in competitive mode, and nearly a hundred new taunts, vanity items, and character skins to unlock. Players who complete 50 waves of the new Survival content can earn 12 new trophies as well.

The Survival mode sees the heroes teaming up to defend against hordes of enemies, including heavy troopers and skeletal pirates. Up to three players can work together, though all of the content can be played in solo mode as well.The trailer shows Nathan, Elena, and newcomer Sam working together, but later on we can see some of the series’ villains joining in. Both Uncharted 2’s top bad guy Lazerevic and Uncharted 3’s Katherine Marlowe are shown taking up arms against the undead pirate hordes.

While it’s my belief that multiplayer comes a distant second to the story mode in Unchartedgames, it’s nice to see Naughty Dog giving out such a substantial freebie to their players. I remember the co-op missions in Uncharted 2being quite good, with brand new voice work and motion capture, though I could never get a group together to finish all of them. With the multiplayer dominance of the PS4, I’m guessing that won’t be as much of a problem these days.