Unlike the Xbox versions, Dirt 5 on PS4 won't transfer save data to PS5


‘If that changes, we’ll let you know’

Bringing our save files from PS4 over to PS5 isn’t something we should have to wonder about – it should be one of those invisible “it just works” features – but that’s not how things are shaping up.

Dirt 5 is another game that will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but will not let players transfer their progression from one console to the next when they freely upgrade to the PS5 version.

“Currently on Xbox, all progress can be carried over between generations,” Codemasters said in response to a question on Twitter. “On PlayStation, your Playgrounds creations can be carried over, but other game progress (Career, currency, saved liveries) cannot. If that changes, we’ll let you know!”

We’re still making sense of how widespread this issue will be for PlayStation fans hoping for a smooth console transition, but for now – with Spider-Man: Miles Morales supporting PS4-to-PS5 saves and Maneater and Yakuza 7 proactively announcing otherwise – it’s very much a case-by-case basis.

I’m curious to hear specific details about the transfer process for Miles Moralescloser to launch.”

[Via VGC]