Unnerving adventure Oxenfree coming to PS4


All versions are getting New Game+

It’s a pleasant surprise to hear that Night School is bringing its supernatural adventure game Oxenfree to PlayStation 4 on May 31, 2016. The port will have extras like New Game+ mode (which will also appear in the existing PC and Xbox One versions after a free update), and it’s going to mimic the in-game radio with the DualShock 4’s speaker and light bar. Sorry, no Vita love.

The extended mode is said to carry Alex’s story “beyond the traditional ‘ending’ into different locations, conclusions, and a completely tweaked understanding of the events on the island,” which sounds terrific. On the PlayStation Blog, studio co-founder Sean Krankel has a more specific fill-in-the-blanks hint for those of you who have beaten Oxenfree and are in the know.

I haven’t played this yet, because I am bad, but I will before long. One line in particular from Nic’s review stuck with me: “[Oxenfree] believes in the sinister low-ebb horror of the island to worm its way into your mind without having to crutch on a jumpscare every few minutes.”