Limited Run's Unpacking physical edition is up for pre-order on Switch, PS4, and PS5


Digital PlayStation launch scheduled for spring

Unpacking was one of the purest gems in the indie game space last year, and if you missed it on PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, there’s good news on two fronts: additional platforms, and a physical edition. Humble Games and developer Witch Beam are rolling out Unpacking on PS4 and PS5 this spring, including a physical release from Limited Run Games.

Pre-orders are open as of this morning, if you’d like to peek — the physical PS4, PS5, and Switch copies are $34.99 each, which is in line with prior Limited Run, err, runs.

The main extra is a “collector’s sleeve,” though I imagine the main appeal for fans is just having a chance to get this great game on a shelf in an increasingly digital world.

Physical pre-orders are running until May 1

You’ve got until May 1 to make up your mind, and as a heads-up, physical games “are typically not expected to ship until 4-5 months after the pre-order window closes.”

Unpacking physical editions for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch
Unpacking physical editions for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch with a “collector’s sleeve.”

Yes, Unpacking is “just” a game about pulling items out of a box and finding an appropriate space for them — but it’s extremely resonant! The act of organizing everyday and eclectic stuff has this soothing quality to it, and there’s also a story unfolding quietly, almost behind the scenes, as you ponder what these possessions mean to their owner.

It’s a contemplative game full of cute nods to gaming, pop culture, and life, some of which will go over players’ heads, depending on their background. There’s even a (legally distinct) GameCube that gave some folks a hard time; it’s a funky-looking console, you know?

The little details make it. I distinctly remember playing Unpacking on a plane during the holidays — it’s a “holiday game,” through and through — and the guy next to me was surprised that this game even existed, conceptually. “Ooh, you’re into that kind of stuff.” He kept trying to get me to play Mario Kart 8 with him, but I wouldn’t budge. I had to unpack!