(Update) Florida authorities are reporting a mass shooting at a Madden 19 tournament


People are urged to stay out of the area

[Update #5: EA has released the following statement on the shooting:


— EA SPORTS Madden NFL (@EAMaddenNFL) August 27, 2018

[Update #4: Sheriff Mike Williams once again addressed the press about the Jacksonville shooting offering new information on the incident. The shooter has been tentatively identified as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland who was at the tournament as a participant. There were three fatalities in the shooting, one of whom was the shooter. All of the other gunshot victims, believed to be around nine people not including the deceased, were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. Other victims may have transported themselves. One handgun was used in the shooting. The names of the two deceased victims have not been released.

As an aside, now that we know the name of the shooter, please be wary about any Twitter or Facebook pages for David Katz that pop up over the next day or two. As has been the norm, these events bring out the assholes on the internet who will use it to try and push a false narrative.]

[Update #3: In a press conference in Jacksonville, Sheriff Mike Williams gave a brief summary of information being released at this time. Currently, the Sheriff’s department is trying to identify the shooter. All they are reporting right now is that it’s a white male. There is no exact count of the victims just yet, however it was confirmed victims died at the scene. The location is secure and they do not believe there is a second shooter. More information will be released tonight in another press conference. Until then, people are still being urged to stay away from the downtown area as it is still an active crime scene.]

[Update #2: According to the Los Angeles Times, the gunman in the mass shooting is reportedly a competitor in the tournament who had earlier lost.]

[Update:According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Twitter page, one suspect is confirmed dead:

One suspect is dead at the scene, unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are being conducted. https://t.co/qBJvkaO7xT

— Jax Sheriff’s Office (@JSOPIO) August 26, 2018

Local media sources are now reporting there are 15 shooting victims, not 11. According to EA, the event is a sanctioned MaddenChampionship Series event. We will continue to update this story throughout the day.]

In Jacksonville, Florida, authorities are urging people to stay out of the area near the GLHF Game Bar after reports of a mass shooting. According to CNN, the incident took place during a qualifying event for aMadden 19 tournament while it was being live-streamed. Local media sources are reporting 11 people have been shot, and four are dead.

Sources: Mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing Sunday. 4 dead. 11 victims. https://t.co/ZnvZ8HtEBX https://t.co/ZnvZ8HtEBX

— Vic Micolucci WJXT (@WJXTvic) August 26, 2018

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

‘Mass shooting’ at Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, authorities say [CNN]

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