(Update) Genshin Impact's long-awaited PS5 version is coming real soon, here's a look



[Update: The PlayStation Blog had the honor of showcasing more PS5 port news this morning, and we know have a firm date: April 28. As previously announced it will support 4K visuals and enhanced textures, as well as the typical PS5 bells and whistles like faster loading via SSD.]

Genshin Impact. The name has become a new titan in the gaming industry.

It completely took hold of its free-to-play gacha scheme and made bank across the PC, PS4, and mobile platforms: and now it’s adding another feather to its cap. We knew the PlayStation 5 version was coming eventually, and now we have confirmation that it’s nearly ready to go.

This morning developer miHoYo announced that the PlayStation 5 port of Genshin Impactis “coming soon,” and gave us a quick look at it with the trailer below. Here’s a summation of the improvements: “The PlayStation 5 version aims to deliver an even richer and more immersive open-world experience. Running in razor-sharp 4K resolution with enhanced textures across every part of the game, the world of Teyvat will look more detailed and vibrant than ever before, while faster loading times will allow players to enjoy a more seamless experience as they travel between the diverse and beautiful in-game environments.”

As a reminder, the game does currently run on PS4, but you can tell it’s not a native version. The enhanced visuals and load times will do wonders in terms of shoring up some of the busywork and open world stability problems. The studio also confirms that you can use the same save/account and the PS5 version is still free, so the upgrade will be seamless.

I’ve actually been holding off from playing it as much as I normally do because of the promise of the PS5 version!