(Update) Mark of the Ninja Remastered is launching sooner than expected


Switch dated for October 9

[Update: Klei has confirmed through a new trailer, and directly to Destructoid, that all platforms will launch on October 9. You can watch the clip below.]

Back in 2012 Mark of the Ninja helped put Klei Entertainment on the map. Sure they had a few successes like Eets and Shank, but Mark was really the first time I had seen universal acclaim from the studio’s efforts, and the rest is history.

Six years is a long while, but Klei is keen to bring back the classic in Remastered form, revealed earlier this year for an “autumn 2018” release. That’s going to be sooner than later it seems…like, a lot sooner. As Nintendo has officially announced thatMark of the Ninja Remastered is hitting Switch on October 9. We’ve reached out to developer Klei Entertainment for details on timing for other platforms.

As a reminder, its “remastered” features include a commentary track, new visuals and items, another character, and one more level.