(Update) Shantae and Mr. Driller among the DSiWare titles disappearing from Nintendo eShop


Dance into Deletion

[Update: As mysteriously as they vanished, some (but not all) of the removed DSiWare titles have now returned to the eShop. These titles include Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Plants vs. Zombies, Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ, and Zoo Frenzy. According to Delisted Games, only five titles remain unaccounted for. No official word has been offered by Nintendo regarding the temporary removal.]

A selection of DSiWare titles has been quietly deactivated from the Nintendo eShop. The deletion seems to be affecting titles released before the summer of 2011, which are currently no longer purchasable for the DS and 3DS platforms.

The vanishing titles were first spotted by Twitter user @ComeOutPunching, who noted the disappearance of WayForward platformers Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Mighty Flip Champs!, Bandai Namco’s Mr. Driller: Drill Til You Drop, and Nintendo’s own Dr. Mario Express, among others.

The news also came as a surprise to Shantae co-creator and WayForward CCO Matt Bozon, who expressed his shock via Twitter. Fortunately, Risky’s Revenge remains available for purchase on Nintendo Switch, so that’s at least one game accounted for. As of this writing, no reason has been given for the titles’ removal maybe a licensing expiration, maybe simply an error on Nintendo’s part nor is it known whether further games will be removed from the digital storefront.

PSA to 3DS gamers and DS fans: all DSiWare games released before mid-May 2011 have been deactivated on the eShop, including the classic Shantae Risky’s Revenge! Luckily I got it on my DSi before that shop shut down. Grab from those still for sale while you can! Recs in thread.. pic.twitter.com/lVcawxTq8e

— 😎 Come Out Punching (@comeoutpunching) January 2, 2021