(Update) The Xbox One S is allegedly going to be more powerful


More stable framerate

[Update: Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox planning lead Albert Penello stated that the upgrade will be “insignificant.” They unlocked “a little more processing power to enable HDR,” but “that’s it.”

When the Xbox One S was revealed yesterday, it was assumed that it was merely smaller and thus, more convenient. Rarely in console history does a new iteration come out that can outperform its predecessors. But according to Polygon, who spoke to The Coalition (Gears) head Rod Fergusson, it will be a slight upgrade.

Without going overboard, Fergusson allegedly told Polygon that because the Xbox One S has additional raw GPU and CPU power, it can ensure that the frame rate and the resolution is more consistent, cutting down on some of the penalties original Xbox One models may incur. We will see this in action for Gears of War 4this October.

He also mused on Scorpio for a hot second, saying that games aren’t necessarily going to take advantage of its 4K capabilities as a given. Since the team is “mastering at 4K,” it’s “not about the assets or the art.” In other words, expect newer late 2017 games to take advantage of the tech. I think I’m going to pass on buying the Xbox One S, but I’m really curious about Scorpio, and how it will square off against the Neo.

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