(Update) Titanfall 2 trailer, details, date leak before EA's E3 conference


Out October 28, 2016

[Update: Now it’s all officially confirmed as per their EA Play event at E3 today. You can sign up for the multiplayer test at Titanfall.comat some point in the afternoon]

EA apparently screwed up. They were running rehearsal footage on YouTube, and only cut it out after a ton of Titanfall 2 news dropped.

For starters, the official trailer shows that it’s out on October 28, 2016. It’ll introduce six new Titans (mechs), multiplayer will be tested out before launch, and there will be a campaign. The game can also be played offline, possibly hinting at private matches and an offline story component.

This all seems like what we expected. More content, another beta, and a single player component — which should help build the basically non-existent world of the game. Expect more later today when EA has its E3 conference at 3PM ET.

If you’re curious, there’s a mirror up of the entire snafu hereand you can watch the official story trailer below.

Wario64 [Twitter]