(Update) Twitch Prime subscribers are getting a free Magic: The Gathering Arena deck


Boros Battalion

[Update: The promo is live now. Head to your Twitch Prime landing page and redeem the offer for a unique code. It’ll score you the “Boros Battalion” deck, which is comprised almost entirely of cards from both recent Ravnica sets, with one card from Rivals of Ixalan/M19 (Luminous Bonds). Although it isn’t that competitive on its own in standard constructed, it does have a few good evergreen cards like one copy each ofLegion Warboss and Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. Basically, it’s a nice extra that might save you a few wildcards, but don’t subscribe to Twitch Prime for for it.]

Wizards has let it slip that Twitch Prime members will be getting yet another freebie: a Magic: Arenadeck.

How was this plot uncovered? Well, yesterday a bunch of streamers (part of Wizard’s huge push for the game includes paid and unpaid partnerships) got early access to the War of the Spark build of Arena, and one of them (Merchant) noticed a banner stating “Twitch Prime users receive a deck in MTG Arena!” Based on the ad for the promo (which is not yet live, but probably will be when Spark arrives on Friday in Arena) it’s Boros-themed, which, for those of you who don’t play, is an aggro-heavy style governed by white and red man and embodied by Boros Guildmaster Aurelia.

As a reminder, Magic‘s next set, War of the Spark, will be patched into Arenaon April 25, likely sometime in the early afternoon, US Eastern time. It’ll be available for pre-release sealed play this weekend (I’ll be attending again!) and officially for sale next week on May 3.

War of the Spark is probably the biggest deal since April 2018’s Dominaria, both in terms of card design and theme. This is the culmination of a years-long storyline after all.

Merchant [Twitch] Thanks Rich!