(Update) Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate announced for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch


Aren’t these characters tired of all the fussin’ an’ feudin’

[Update: Koei Tecmo has confirmed Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will arrive in the west in February 2020 on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Ultimate will be available as a standalone release or a paid upgrade to the vanilla edition of the game.]

Following a leak from Amazon Japan yesterday, the new issue of Weekly Famitsu has officially revealed that Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is in development at Koei Tecmo, with a PS4 and Nintendo Switch release planned for Japan this December.

The expanded edition of this alt-universe battle sequel will include some 170 playable characters – including the all new Gaia – as well as returning heroes such as Warriors Orochi 3’s Joan of Arc/Jeanne d’Arc (sadly not played by Kate Wiedlin). New Sacred Treasures, side-quests, and crowd-clearing co-op moves will also be introduced, alongside a host of tweaks to Warriors Orochi 4’s control system, UI and HUD. Among the modes included are a survival-style Infinity Mode, as well as fresh maps for the original title’s Challenge Mode.

Currently only a Japanese release has been announced, though it is highly likely that Ultimate will head west in the future, bringing with it an Xbox One port ala previous titles in the series. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate hits Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this December, with PC to follow in February 2020. If you don’t feel like double-dipping, an expansion will be available to add the new content to your existing copy of Warriors 4 Orochi.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate announced for PS4, Switch and PC [Gematsu / Ryokutya2089]