Valis: The Fantasm Soldier pre-orders live at Limited Run Games


Confront your Destiny

Fans of the legendary cult franchise Valis would do well to shift themselves over to the Limited Run Games store right now, as the boutique retailer has opened pre-orders on its previously teased Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection for Nintendo Switch.

Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection comprises three classic adventures from the sword-and-sorcery series: Valis: The Fantasm Soldier (1986), Valis II (1989), and Valis III (1990). This trilogy of tales tells the epic saga of young, Yuko Asou, a high school girl thrust from reality into a fantastical fantasy universe, where she must take up her role as the fabled savior of the spiritual realms. Still better than homework.

valis the fantasm collection collector's edition

The Valis series, which made its presence known on the MSX and PC-88 hardware, was heavily lauded at the time for rudimentary versions of features that we take for granted in modern gaming, such as in-game cinematics and incredible pride in its characters, lore, and storytelling elements. The Valis trilogy would be followed by Valis IV (1991) on the PC Engine, Super Valis IV (1993) on the Super Nintendo, and the “behind-closed-doors” Valis X (2006) on PC. Check over your shoulder before Googling that one. Unfortunately, these three releases are not included in the new collection.

valis soundtrack lp limited run

Valis the Fantasm Soldier Collection is available from Limited Run Games in two distinct formats. The regular edition ($39.99 USD) includes all three classics on one cartridge in standard packaging, while a Collector’s Edition ($89.99) includes a four-disc soundtrack set, a pin badge selection, a reversible poster, and three art cards. This edition features a reversible sleeve sporting the original western release artwork. In addition, a vinyl soundtrack ($59.99) is also available, featuring the Valis trilogy’s score pressed to three LPs.

Pre-orders on all of the above items will remain open until February 6. A digital release is also en route.