Valve adds Switch Pro Controller support to Steam


What a nice surprise

If you play PC games and you’re looking to make extra use of your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, some great news: Valve is going to officially support the device on Steam. The company is currently beta testing Pro Controller support, which you can opt into right now, and it looks really promising.

With the Steam Client Beta, you can go into the Controller Settings page (View > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings) and then toggle “Switch Pro Configuration Support.”

From there, you can simply connect your Pro Controller and start calibrating it under “Detected Controllers.” Valve recommends taking the extra time to do so for “best results with the gyro.”

“After that, create a config (or load an existing config), via the ‘Controller Configuration’ option in the Manage Game screen for the title you are playing. The full functionality of the Steam Input Configurator is at your disposal: bind the gyro, add radial menus, create action sets, etc. If you prefer to start from a community config, press X and browse the options. Finally, launch and play your Steam game with your Switch Pro Controller. Bring up the overlay with the ‘Home’ button to tweak your config on the fly.”

I think I’ll wait until all the kinks are worked out, but I’m super pleased to see this happen.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support via Steam Input [Steam]