Vampyr: A new RPG from the Remember Me devs


‘Take blood, save a life’

Dontnod Entertainment has yet to release its upcoming project Life is Strange, but it already has another game in the works. And, this one looks to be in a totally different vein (that pun will definitely make sense in a few seconds).

At a London-based reveal event, publisher Focus Entertainment revealed Dontnod’s next game, Vampyr, an action role-playing game. According to TheSixthAxis, who attended the event, Vampyrfollows a doctor who, shortly after World War I, is bitten by a patient that has the Spanish Flu. That bite turns the M.D. into a supernatural blood-sucking villain. There will be a choice system in the game that juxtaposes the doctor’s desire to heal and help against the vampire’s tendency to kill and quench his thirst for blood.

Those are all the details that have trickled out thus far. Vampyr‘s said to be early on in development. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t learn more about it in the near future, which is hopefully the case.

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