Visually striking mobile game FRAMED is heading to PC next year


Time to throw out your phone!

One of the coolest games I saw at PAX 2015 was FRAMED, an indie mobile game based around shifting different comic book like panels to create a new narrative. It had something to do with a noir thriller and some murder mystery, but the whole concept was just amazing and something I really wanted to get my hands on.

While I never did get around to it (I’ve only recently acquired a tablet that can actually play anything), it looks like I won’t need to bother with a mobile device. Developer Loveshack Entertainment (baby!) has announced that FRAMED and its sequel, FRAMED 2, will be heading to Steam next year in what they are calling the FRAMED Collection.

“Thanks to our previous success,” the official Steam store page reads, “we are now able to bring the collected compilation of the classic panel-switching games, along with some new, unique features to Steam. The games have been completely overhauled and redesigned for Steam, and given that extra love and care needed that we know connoisseurs of great taste demand.” These overhauls include full mouse and controller support, Steam achievements, trading cards and cloud saves.

There is no release date or price given, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go for $15. Mobile games always cost a bit more on PC, but I’m willing to pay more to have unrestricted resolutions and far better controls. At least FRAMED can finally get the attention it deserves.

FRAMED Collection [Steam]