Waifu Wars: Midriff or bust


And bringing up the rear is the middle

[Full disclosure: I use an app called Pocket to save things to read for later, including cblog promotions. I saved this way back when during Waifu Wars month, before Shade’s promotion to community manager. So now I’ve finally gotten around to a unique love of man to promote many different kinds of waifus united by one feature: the bare midriff. ~Strider]

All month, I’ve watched you people pick your waifus. All month, I’ve watched you be wrong. I laughed at your choices, I cried for the souls that are beyond saving, I threw up a little in my mouth. But most of all, I wrestled with the fact that all of you only picked a single waifu. Do you not have enough love to go around? Apparently not.

I, however, have plenty of love to give. For this blog, I plan to give some away to those, my waifus, who are incredibly, absolutely, unmistakably not shit.

Now, it has been said that a man’s love goes through the stomach. In my case, yours. Butts and boobies are all well and good, but nothing truly beats a well-toned core accentuated by nature’s sexiest scar. I could speculate as to why midriffs get me so fired up. Maybe it’s because I’ve been at least a little chubby for most of my life, so a flat stomach represents something I’ve never had. Maybe it’s because exposed belly buttons are innocent and non-sexual, yet still a little bit daring. Maybe it’s a sign that you take good care of your body, or that you lead an active lifestyle. Maybe it’s just sexy as hell. I’m not really sure, but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. All that matters is that to be a valid choice for waifu, you need to make that midriff work for you.

Here are some who took that message and ran with it.

Midriff or bust


Very solid effort here, though not quite waifu-material. Points for the pronounced belly button, but unfortunately the whole thing is a little too exaggerated. They don’t really look comfortable in that get-up either. And without confidence in the midriff, where does that leave us? Remember; it’s not the belly button on the outside that counts, but the belly button on the inside.

Outies are gross, is what I’m saying.

Twili Midna!

Now this is more like it! Twili Midna knows how to handle herself. She’s confident and regal, and if you want to find her sexy too that’s your business. What’s more, her midriff really pops out at you because her color scheme. “Yeah this is my midriff, got a problem with that?”

No, Twili Midna, no I do not.


Still confident and regal-ish, though noticeably darker, is Lilith from #darksiders2. More midriff could’ve been exposed here, but I think there’s something to be said for the belly button window. Lilith sets the rules here, not you, and she’ll show you want she wants you to see but not an inch more. I can definitely get behind a little danger in a woman.

And while this blog is centered on the core, I have to admit that those two slightly above are also very impressive. What can I say; the title does say midriff or bust, doesn’t it?

Seung Mina!

Seung Mina here may very well mark the first time that I was ever taken aback by a lady in a video game. I think I played Soul Calibur II at around that age when boys first start to figure out that girls may not actually have cooties, and that if they do, the cooties are probably worth it. Low-res but high quality, Mina is a great example of a toned stomach as evidence of a body that’s taken good care of. She didn’t work for the sexiness, she worked to be a martial artist and the sexiness followed automatically. She’s a healthy young woman, and that’s sexy in and of itself.

And let’s be real here; she totally wears it better than Princess Leia.


She’s sexier than you and she knows it.


Samus is like Seung Mina in that the sexy comes second to the day-job of kicking ass. Samus isn’t vain, she just needs to be in shape to exterminate all the alien scum that crosses her path. But when that’s all over and done with, why not put on a flattering outfit, hit the town, and flaunt what the Chozo gave you?

Wii Fit Trainer!

Like I said, a healthy young woman is already sexy. And who’s healthier than Wii Fit Trainer? No one, that’s who.

Poison Ivy!

Hot dang! Move over, Lilith, we’ve got a new evil midriff queen up in this business. The branches and leaves all around is almost like some kind of tattoo pattern, and the very distinctive shallow belly button makes me think that someone spent a really long time modeling this. This is a midriff you’d pick out of a line-up with zero hesitation.

I also think the unbuttoned shirt is a nice touch. Poison Ivy could cover up anytime she wanted. She doesn’t, and she makes it a point that she doesn’t. Poison Ivy is a temptress, with her midriff there to seal the deal. And by god, it works.


If you’re talking tight bodies, you’re talking Laura. Tight enough to squeeze through even the smallest spaces. Tight enough that you could literally bounce off her like a trampoline. I don’t know what Laura does to stay in that kind of awesome shape, but I’m glad she found a way.

Top Midriff

There can only be one top midriff sexier than all the others. Whether that makes its wearer the ultimate waifu remains to be seen, but damned if it doesn’t net you hella points.

And now, the ultimate midriff.

You have to agree, everything here just works. The top just slightly too short to cover the belly button, the pants just slightly too low. The smears of dirt belonging to someone who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The light scarring of a survivor. The skin tone of someone who’s out in the sun a lot. The tiny mole of someone who’s not quite perfect and paradoxically becomes sexier as a result. The perfect balance between tight while not being worryingly skinny. This is a midriff which has seen the world and became better for it. This is a midriff that has been taken care of, that had thought put into it, and a midriff that’s not afraid to show itself, but does so modestly.

Congratulations to Trip, proud wielder of the ultimate midriff in video games!

Wild cards!

In anime: Cana Alberona in Fairy Tail:

– Editor’s note: it has been brought to our attention that Cana’s midriff cannot be contained by a Cblog alone. We have worked endlessly to ensure that as much of Cana’s midriff can be shown without the internet exploding.

And IRL: Holly Valance as Christie in DOA:

A man’s love goes through the stomach indeed.