Want to play ten 'unrestricted' hours of Need for Speed before it's out?


You’ll need EA Access!

If you’re a member of EA Access, you can now sample ten hours of Need for Speed, completely unrestricted, for free.

You’ll be able to try out every mode and feature in advance of release next week, and the clock only counts down while you’re in-game — so you won’t be locked out ten hours after you download it.

“EA Access members can play the real game for up to 10 hours,” said EA on theNeed For Speed Twitteraccount. “All modes are available, and there are no progression locks. The roads are yours!”

EA Access is only available on Xbox One, so head totheXbox Storefor more details. You can pick it up for £4 a month, or £20 for the year.

Need for Speed is out next Thursday, November 5, 2015, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version follows later next year.

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