Watch 23 minutes of Battleborn footage from E3


Dibs on Miko

Jordan got some hands-on time with Battleborn at E3, and while his write up does a good job of laying down the basics, sometimes it’s helpful to see a video in order to really get how a game plays. Now us poor, decrepit non-E3 attendees can see what the upper crust got to see last week.

The first four minutes of the video are all back story, discussing how such a diverse cast of characters came to fight in the same place at the same time. After that, the video goes into a five-player cooperative mission that starts with an assault, transitions into an escort mission, and ends with a base defense complete with automated turrets.

The five characters shown in play are the teleporting fencer Phoebe, sharpshooting archer Thorn, modern military man Oscar Mike, creepy witch Orendi, and kamikaze robot Caldarius. Later on the video highlights dapper sniper Marquis, non-vampire swordsman Rath, beefy gunner Montana, healer mushroom Miko, and compact shieldbearer Boldur. Two previously unseen Battleborn are mentioned as well: rocket bird Benedict and spooky robot sentry Isaac.

In all there are 25 characters planned, so we still have only seen about half of them. Surely Gearbox will trickle out more information leading up to Battleborn‘s release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this winter.