Watch a load of screaming people on facecam drown in Rare's Sea of Thieves gameplay


What do we do with the drunken streamers…

Rare gave us a first look at Sea of Thieves, their upcoming pirate-em-‘up for Xbox One and Windows 10 at the Microsoft E3 conference, with both a cinematic trailer and a first look at some gameplay.

The gameplay video you can see above shows off some of the cooperative ship battles, where each person must take their own role to survive, and you can also watch as it ends in a load of screaming facecam people sinking to a watery grave. If that’s not a small mercy, I don’t know what is.

The cinematic trailer has sea shanties, there’s pirates, there’s skeletons, there’s skeleton pirates, and a great big Kraken. It all feels adequatelyMonkey Islandto me, and as soon as Microsoft makes it available online, we’ll let you take a look as well.