Watch Kiryu and Majima rough up some thugs in this Yakuza 0 trailer


My fist your face, that’s for sure!!

I’m in love with the Yakuza series; I don’t think that can be stated enough. If you’d like to know one of the reasons why, just watch the new trailer for Yakuza 0.

Along with being awesome, the trailer showcases the different fighting styles that main characters Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro have at their disposal.Oddly enough, not many of the series’ signature “heat” actions are shown off. I’m guessing that would spoil some of the fun, seeing as how the games have gotten progressively more ridiculous with how over the top the violence is.

My favorite “heat” action has to be fromYakuza 5where the heavyweight character, Saejima Taiga, turns an enemy into a snowman.