Let's watch the new Pokemon Presents stream together


Pokemon Presents starts at 9AM ET

It’s Pokemon time! Every few months The Pokemon Company reminds us that Pokemon is indeed making billions of dollars annually, just in case you forgot. To that end, we’re getting a new Pokemon Presents stream that will give us update on three specific games.

As a recap, here’s what we know about the presentation today. It starts at 9AM ET this morning, and will deal with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends Arceus. It’s going to run for “about 28 minutes,” which is one of the longest streams in company history.

I really hope that the bulk of the show is dedicated to Legends. Although Sword and Shield sold a ton, there’s bound to be diminishing returns in some respects from all of the people who felt burned by the latest generation. Legends is Game Freak’s opportunity to put their best foot forward, and show people what they can do. The next generation of Pokemon could evolve or become whatever Legends is selling. It’s kind of important!

But that doesn’t mean they can slouch on Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl either. Folks haven’t been really impressed with the visuals on offer with the remakes thus far, and have taken to crafting fan trailers as an alternative for the real thing.

You can catch it here on The Pokemon Company’s YouTube channel, or below!