Watch the London Symphony Orchestra do Final Fantasy… in 3D!


Just imagine the Chocobo racing theme

We here at Destructoid sometimes get a bit distracted by the crasser things in life. When we’re not making sweet love with fictional wrestlers, we’re wanking off cars, but we’ve got to have a bit more class and culture every once in a while. Appreciate the fine arts a bit more: Mozart, Monet, drinking Sauvignon Blanc and owning a bajillion horses. Embracing the growing class divide present in British society, clay pigeon shooting, water polo, banking, Oxford University. You know, classy stuff.

And so today I bring you this freakin’ sweet orchestral performance of music from Final Fantasy VII. It’s performed by The London Symphony Orchestra inside the famous Abbey Road studios. It’s part of a new site launched by Google called Inside Abbey Road that lets you explore the studio Street-View style. You can rotate the short performance 360 degrees to get a view of all of the performers. I’ll admit I’m struggling to come up with any jokes about this, because it actually is really cool.

The London Symphony Orchestra recorded this for their already released album Final Symphony, which contains a collection of music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X (iTunes/Amazon). They’ve also got a few tickets left for a live Final Symphony II at the London Barbican Centre on September 12.

See? Don’t you feel a bit more refined? And now we return to fart jokes and putting things up other things.