WayForward and Arc System Works announce female-led fighter River City Girls


Let’s get ready, ready, let’s get ready, ready…

Following on from the mysterious rating we reported last week, Shantae developer WayForward and anime game gods Arc System Works have officially confirmed they are working together on a new entry in the face-smashing River City series.

Details are incredibly scant on River City Girls, the title of this exciting new project in, but the amazing talent that makes up these two developers all but guarantees that something wicked this way comes. “This is a really wonderful opportunity,” said WayForward’s “Tyrannical Overlord” Voldi Way. “Arc System Works is an extremely talented gaming company that we’ve admired for many years, and we are incredibly happy to be working with them. This new take on the River City universe is going to be a lot of fun.”

Arc Sys, who are the current owners of the River City/Kunio-kun license, are equally pleased. “Everyone here is pleasantly surprised by the way the River City series is turning out,” said Producer Takomi Kaneko. “I think the River City series has a reputation as a 2D fighting-action game with a lot of male fans, but then River City Girls appears! WayForward’s enthusiasm for a female protagonist won me over.”

This is now pretty much my most anticipated video game. Well, after Shantae 5, of course. In fact, surely the half-genie hero and her pals would make great hidden characters! More details on River City Girls will be revealed later this year.Arc System Works team with WayForward for River City Girls [Nintendeal