WayForward's Vitamin Connection has 200 percent the recommended daily dose of cuteness



Health is a common new year’s resolution, but it extends beyond eating right and overcrowding my gym. You gotta get those vitamins in your belly. A, B, C, D, E, probably many more. I am not a registered dietitian. (I’m not even a registered blogger.)

WayForward’s next game puts the smackdown on bacteria and viruses in the cutest way possible. We first learned about Vitamin Connectionlast August. Now we get to see it in action.Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer. It’s adorable.

This cooperative Switch game is bursting with capsule piloting, germ blasting, and competitive mini-games. Vitamin Connectiongives off real Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetimevibes, and that’s good company to have.

Vitamin Connectionseems to be launching on the Nintendo eShop on February 20. Plenty of time for you to transition into an extreme germophobe. Rub Purell on everything. Make your co-op partner play with latex gloves on. Basically, follow all the advice from Lonely Island’s “YOLO” and you’ll be just fine.