We finally have actual info for Destiny: House of Wolves


No mo’ FOMO

The time for teasing is over, as Bungie has revealed its plans for the next Destinyexpansion, House of Wolves. A new NPC will be introduced called Petra Venj, who will deliver a bunch of Queen-based quests for the new storyline. The Queen’s Wrath bounties that were “in the oven” are now being worked into the expansion, billed as extra DLC.

The new level-up will be 34 as previously announced, which can be obtained through PVP and PVE. A raid won’t be required to get to the new cap of 34, since there won’t be one. Prison of Elders seems to be a challenge mode of sorts, with new drops and weekly resets in tow.

Trials of Osiris is re-confirmed, which will be a new Iron Banner-like PVP event (with Iron Banner still popping up occasionally). The Reef is indeed a new social space, with a vault (you can just use the app now) and postmaster — you do not need to buy the DLC to access The Reef. Just like most MMOs, there will be small incentives to revisit The Tower area, so it’s not going to be dead.

The Speaker won’t be completely useless, as he has new gear to dish out and an exchange of radiant materials for Glimmer or Motes of Light, or a straight-up exchange of Shards for Energy. This is something the community has wanted since launch, as most veterans have a heap of useless junk in their vault. Xur is also not needed for upgrades, but he will be back in some capacity. As a direct nod to a fan suggestion, legendary items can be upgraded by way of Etheric Light, dropped from the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris at the Gunsmith.

Overall it sounds like a lot of good changes, but we’ll see how long the Prison of Elders lasts. If I can beat the story in two hours and the Prison is boring, I’ll be uninstalling Destiny until the next, rumored “large” expansion fundamentally changes up the game.

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