We may have gotten our first inkling that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development


Duh, but it’s nice to have confirmation

[Update: The actor in question claims that the listing is fake. We’ve seen people deflect these leaks many times in the past, but he claims that he has no knowledge of the page and that it’s an elaborate troll.]

Let’s parse any sort of talk of mainline GTA talk for a second. GTA IV was released in 2008, followed by V in 2013. Five or six years is pretty much par for the course for a new entry, which means we’re due pretty soon — barring the extension V got with a PC port in 2015.

According to a resume listing though, we might have our first proof that GTA 6is in the works. Tim Neff, an actor who appears to be doing work recently with Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption 2, is also providing motion capture for Grand Theft Auto 6.

At this point he’s most likely already provided his part, meaning that principle work and designs are already completed, making the 2019 target (based on the above napkin math) possible. If it were to happen I wonder if they’ll stick with the tri-protagonist format. It was surely a lot of work to get that many lines and performances out of three people, but I think it paid off.

As long as 6has a PC version with an amazing looking engine and mods galore, we’ll be alright.

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