We put Nintendo Switch Online on the chopping block in a bonus episode of Destructoid Impulse


This isn’t the Toad I know and love anymore

Microsoft’s decision in adding a subscription fee to a service most people already pay for has finally come full circle in the realm of industry-changing consequences. Sony soon followed suit and now, more than a year into the Switch’s lifespan, Nintendo is jumping on the gravy train with the Nintendo Switch Online service. Bizarrely enough, it’s just coming off like an unnecessary paywall tied to an NES library subscription service.

We already covered most of the recent Nintendo Direct in the premiere of Impulse, but Associate Editor Peter Glagowski and I had so much to say about this new service that we gave it its own bonus episode. Is it worth $20 a year? Will Luigi’s torment ever end? Will Toad stop being a corporate whore? How many “families” will be created within the Destructoid community for cheaper online services?

These are the questions that keep me awake at night.