We really want to play that Dark Souls board game


Praise the sun!

The Dark Souls board game Kickstarter has surpassed £2 million.

Over 21,000 backers have pushed the Kickstarter fund past over £2.3 million (that’s roughly $3.3 million)… and there’s still seven days to go.

“£2,000,000 has now been reached!” stated Steamforged Games, the team behind the new, officially-licensed table-top game. “What an incredible achievement – this Kickstarter is set to break records if it continues at the pace it has.”

The game met its $70,000 goal in three minutes and just kept on going.

At £2.1 million, backers unlocked Melinda the Butcher, “a crazy lady with a Greataxe +3”, £2.2 million unleashed Oliver the Collector, and £2.3 million gave us Maldron the Assassin.

The developer has also unlocked Sir and Artorias – albeit at an extra cost.

“Since the start of this campaign people have been asking about a certain pair of models that have a big following within the community – Sif and Artorias. We had originally planned to release this set after the Kickstarter project but due to demand we have decided to pull them forward and can now offer the Darkroot Basin Expansion Set as a purchasable Add-On to celebrate the incredible £2,000,000 we have reached together!”

Are you one of the 20,000+ backers? What made you put your money behind this one, eh?