We want your Podtoid questions!


Ask away!

If you haven’t heard by now, Podtoid is back and worse than ever before. Each week, I’m joined by Chris Moyse, Dan Roemer, Charlotte Cutts, and Occams the Ban-Hammer as we discuss games, stupid shit in the news, The Simpsonsmore often than we should, and so much more. It’s the podcast TIME magazine called : [Quote Not Found].

One of the staples of old Podtoid was the community questions segments they did at the end of each show and this week, we’re bringing that back. So, before we record tomorrow morning, we want your questions for the Podtoid crew. Ask us about anything you ever wanted to know, like, where do babies come from or how many pickles has one of us eaten in 10 minutes. Just leave your question in the comments below or hit us up by email at [email protected]

And if you haven’t been listening, be sure to check out our last episode where we go to town on Ronda Rousey’s “acting” in Mortal Kombat 11.