Well, at least Gearbox probably isn't going to do NFTs


Some actual good NFT news for you this weekend

What’s the Gearbox NFT strategy? It looks like “nothing, with a bit of scorn” at the moment, which is generally good news.

Randy Pitchford, who is still the Gearbox CEO, took to Twitter this month to rip into NFTs in various threads. While he argued with a lot of people on the platform (as he does) about a variety of topics, his views on the negatives of NFTs are summed up as:

“Commoditizing FOMO; Promise of quick/easy outsized profits; Gamesmanship (and unchecked fraud) by those offering; Value for a “owner” only if they find a bigger fish (more pyramid than ponzi, but in the same scam family); etc.”

While he isn’t the sole voice at Gearbox (and the Embracer group is in the mix now), he is the boss, and having a public figure flog the concept like this is generally good news if you’re a Gearbox fan and don’t want NFT integration.

This is coming in at a time when basically every industry leader has been forced into providing their take on NFTs, whether it’s through consumer or investor pressure. Some have been supporting them far beyond the point where they reached popular culture, like Sega. Others have announced NFT support then were roasted so badly that they had to apologize. Others are definitely not apologetic, and are even using the term “play-to-earn,” which is one of the grossest things I’ve heard in the gaming sphere in years.

Oh, and there’s “hate or create,” which is one of theĀ dumbest things I’ve heard in the gaming sphere in years. Yeah, peddling NFTs can bring out the worst in people.