We'll probably find out on Thursday exactly how powerful Project Scorpio really is


That’ll be one mystery cleared up

Microsoft’s contribution thus far to the incrementally-improved console iteration trend is this three-minute video from last E3. Project Scorpio will be a more powerful take on the Xbox One, but apart from a few specifics (6 teraflops!), we don’t have much of an idea of what it’s capable of. Instead of discussing Scorpio at E3 last year, Microsoft politely deflected all conversation in the direction of the now-released Xbox One S.

That silence is being broken soon. On Thursday April 6, Digital Foundry (which is part of Eurogamer) has an exclusive reveal about the Scorpio. Digital Foundry has made a name or itself in recent years by providing detailed technical and performance-focused analysis of video games. Because of this, the predominant line of reasoning is that this reveal will be entirely about the hardware and components inside the Scorpio.

We can also probably infer that Microsoft is very confident in Scorpio’s performance. Digital Foundry earned that reputation by being critical and detailed about everything it came across. If Scorpio were lacking, Microsoft likely wouldn’t want a media outlet controlling the message. That’s an extremely risky prospect.

There’s a lot about Scorpio we won’t know after Thursday. We won’t know its price or its release date or its real name or probably even what it looks like. That will all be saved for another time, like the Xbox E3 press briefing. But, we should know what’s under the hood by the end of the week.

@digitalfoundry [Twitter]