Welp, there's a real easy way to deal with Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V


Call in reinforcements

Spoilers? I don’t know. Other than, “you encounter Quiet at some point.” Everything’s a spoiler these days. Anyways, I think I’ve written enough you won’t accidentally read something you don’t want to on the front page. I am a literal saint.

So, somewhat early on in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you encounter Quiet, the mostly naked, raccoon-eyed sniper. You can probably just, you know, leave and continue towards your mission, but I engaged Quiet in an exceptionally long sniper’s duel that was fraught and unexpected, especially because of her unexpected intrusion on an unrelated mission.

Apparently, I’m a sucker, because there is a very bullshit way to beat Quiet, which our pal Truongasm just uploaded to Facebook. Mark Quiet. Call in a supply drop, on Quiet. Hit her with two supply drops and she’s out. God damn it, Kojima. I think when I get back at it later tonight I’m going to work real hard to get a soldier to slip in my horse’s shit. There are so many tiny, cool things you can do in these games and it’s the best.