We've got a full day of streaming, contests, and fun from The Uncertain: Episode 2


It’ll certainly be a good time

[This week, Destructoid is brought to you by upcoming atmospheric adventure gameThe Uncertain: Episode 2 – Light at the End. Here’s a quick note from our sponsor.]

We at ComonGames are hard at work to bring you the next installment of our critically-acclaimed adventure series, The Uncertain: Episode 2 – Light at the End. To celebrate our success with the first chapter and our progress with the second, we’re holding a full day of streaming and fun to bring you the latest developments from The Uncertain saga!

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Today, Sunday, October 28, we’ve got a full schedule of activities going on in our stream. We’re featuring:

8:00 EST/15:00 MSK—agar.io+ Playing old favorite games

10:00 EST/17:00 MSK —Stream

11:30 – 12:00 EST/18:30 – 19:00 MSK —Playing with the fans

14:00 EST/21:00 MSK— AMA

15:00 EST/22:00 MSK —Prize Draw

16:00 EST/23:00 MSK —Show of the second Episode and discussion about possible new features.

The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day is the acclaimed first entry in the series. Humanity has fallen, allowing robots to take over the planet. You play as RT-217NP, an engineering bot curious about the fall of man and eager to discover what’s left of them. This atmospheric puzzle game has garnered a Very Positive rating on Steam, leaving fans clamoring for a sequel.

In Episode 2 – Light at the End, there may be hope for humanity yet. A small cell of outcasts thrives on through the harsh environment. But one wrong move could finally spell the end for the human race. Game features include:

  • Classic third-person sci-fi 3D adventure about robots that have taken over our planet
  • Some of your decisions will affect certain events in the game
  • Puzzles form an important part of our game. Each one of them is unique. Puzzles won’t drive you mad, but you’ll have to concentrate
  • The main character has a holographic watch that he can scan items, take photos and find Easter eggs with
  • Original indie soundtrack
  • Beautiful and unusual post-apocalyptic atmosphere

The Uncertain: Episode 2 – Light at the End is scheduled for a Q2 2019 release.