What else are you excited for this year?


If you’re not a Nintendo fan, there isn’t a whole lot

I was talking to some colleagues of mine this weekend about what’s left in 2017, and many of them didn’t have much enthusiasm to share. It dawned on me that many are PC-centric, so outside of Destiny 2 (which is already out on consoles) and a few other bits and pieces like the multiplatform Star Wars Battlefront II, there aren’t a lot of heavy-hitters.

As someone that delves into every aspect of gaming though, Nintendo has quite a lot on the horizon (Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario, Pokemon Ultra, Xenoblade Chronicles 2). If you aren’t stoked for the rest of 2017 though, I totally get it.

This year (like many others) has been pretty front-loaded, with a steady stream of Persona 5s and Breath of the Wildssprinkled throughout.For me, Mario Odyssey is an obvious choice for a late Game of the Year contender, but Assassin’s Creed: Origins has been getting a lot of buzz as well. This isn’t even including some big, potentially game-changing updates from games like Final Fantasy XIV, a potential Destiny 2 expansion launch in December, and obligatory Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, or Overwatch patches.

2017 isn’t dead yet! It’s going to go out fighting.