What goes into the Overwatch animated shorts?


A lot of hard work, bucko

One of the Overwatch community’s most eagerly anticipated events, apart from character nerfs, free loot boxes and whichever new character they’ve recently fallen in love with, is the release of a new short movie, each giving a little history to one or more of the game’s colourful cast of characters.

Blizzard have released another video, but this one details the process that goes into making each of the brilliant mini-movies, in this case recent tear-jerker “Rise and Shine”. It takes a team of incredibly talented artists and writers to put the sub-ten minute adventures together.

Unfortunately, the video focuses a little too much on the narrative themes of the piece, rather than explore the technical aspects of what brings it together, but we still get to see some cool wireframe models and process shots.

In creative endeavours such as these shorts, and Disney masterpieces such as Moana and Toy Story, I am always in absolute awe at the ever-improving textures and animation, particularly facial expression, as well as the ability to create an emotional connection between the audience and CGI characters. We have come so far in the medium of CGI story-telling, in a relatively short space of time.