What if the New 3DS is Nintendo's last 3D handheld?


3D or not 3D, that is the question

I was there when Nintendo first announced the 3DS. It was back when the company did actual press conferences at E3. As its presentation wrapped up, Nintendo sent droves of models into the audience, each with a 3DS tethered to their torsos. That’s where the world caught its first glimpse of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, the classic NES Punch-Out!!, and of course, “Cat on a Pogo Stick: The Game,” all in glorious, glasses-free 3D.

Looking back on it now shows us the 3DS hasn’t had the life course Nintendo or most Nintendo fans might have predicted. The console has done well, but not as well as its predecessor the DS did in its heyday. Third-party support has largely dwindled with the exception of extremely successful games like Monster Hunter and Yo-kai Watch. Cat on a Pogo Stick: The Game and Punch-Out!! 3D were never made available to the public, but we did get at least two boob-obsessed games and a 3D remake of Urban Champion.

Weirdest of all is the fact that nearly five years later, Nintendo still really hasn’t done much with the console’s namesake.Super Mario 3D Landhad some levels that were best played with the 3D on, but for the most most part, there are very few 3DS games that work at making the 3D an integral part of the experience. The release of the2DS told consumers that removing the 3D display was an actual selling point. The New 3DS has worked to roll that perception back a bit, as the console features vastly improved 3D tech, but there is still no denying that few publishers, developers, or players seem to think the 3D of the 3DS is all that important.

That has me wondering if the New 3DS will be the last handheld in the 3DS line, and if so, how that will affect people. If you’ve already picked up a New 3DS, will you miss having the option for a 3D display on Nintendo’s next handheld, or will you be happy to see it go?

Personally, I’ll likely feel more justified in purchasing a New 3DS if Nintendo announces that it will be the last 3D console for a while. If the next Nintendo handheld has even better 3D than the New 3DS, then I’ll kick myself for not having waited to upgrade.

If not 3D, I wonder what the hook will be?