What is the best RPG of all time? Japanese gamers say Persona 5


Many familiar faces

Famitsu magazine held a poll at the end of June, asking its readers to vote on what they think are the best role-playing games of all time are. The results are in, and the top 20 answers are on the board. Despite releasing this year, Japanese gamers voted Persona 5 as the best ever, and even NieR: Automata andFinal Fantasy XVranked high.

Not to discredit anyone, but the more I see people claiming X is the best game ever made every three months the more I start to believe in that good ole recency bias. In any case, the Persona games along with Final Fantasy Xshowing here proves there are still some people with good tastes in RPGs on this Earth. Personally I’d add the first (and only the first) Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II.

Top 20 (votes in parentheses)

  1. Persona 5(256)
  2. Dragon QuestIII(218)
  3. Chrono Trigger(194)
  4. NieR: Automata(177)
  5. Final Fantasy VII(169)
  6. Dragon Quest V(165)
  7. Suikoden II(155)
  8. NieR: Replicant (151)
  9. Persona 3 (131)
  10. Final Fantasy XV (110)
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles (104)
  12. Final Fantasy X(100)
  13. Xenogears(91)
  14. Persona 4: The Golden(90)
  15. Dragon Quest IV (82)
  16. Final Fantasy VI(81)
  17. EarthBound (78)
  18. Final Fantasy IX(75)
  19. Final Fantasy VIII(74)
  20. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt(72)