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Cblogs of 5/1 to 5/7/2021

Black Red Gaming continues listing their “Game Selections” with entries 17-20 regarding games everyone should play.

LaTerry presents this month’s Band of Bloggers prompt focusing on Photo Modes in Video Games.

-Flegma responds to the prompt quickly with this blog about the shmup, Shoot the Bullet.

-Kerrik52 continues their Tales of series retrospective with this second blog with rankings and awards on the Namco franchise.

Shoggoth2588 shares their personal April gaming journal.

Exber reviews the original Xenoblade Chronicles.

Dango shares the first part of their thoughts on Hitman: World of Assassinations.

Siflox Gaming reviews Brawl Stars on Mobile.

Lord Spencer reviews Fear Effect as part of his PS1 REVIEWS blogging series.

Propeller48 talks about how NBA 2K21tips will help you play the game better.

GamingDino writes about the first partner you can get in ARK Survival Evolved.

Chris Bradshaw reflects on race and racism in a thoughtful blog.

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Indiana Jones IV and marching music.

ABowlOfCereal continues their Guardian Tales balancing suggestions.

Alphadeus is in the process of making his 50th album, and he is taking input from the Dtoid community.

Solidsnape talks about how streamers are affecting GTA’sservers.

Queen of Philosophy opens this week’s TGIF open community forum.

This was a really varied run of topics from our community this week – photo modes, shmups, PS1 classics, music, memories and much more. That’s what we like to see! Thanks to Lord Spencer for providing us with the recap. If you’d like to be part of next week’s front page roundup, head on over to the Cblogs sections and speak your brains. We’re look forward to your discourse! Don’t forget to check out the Band of Bloggers “Photo Mode” prompt!