Which Souls boss gave you the most hell?


Fresh wounds in The Ringed City have me wondering

With the final Dark Souls III expansion out and sleep sacrificed to play it, I’ve been dying a lot lately.

And when I’m not repeatedly falling in battle — for instance: during the tense final seconds of the drawn-out duel with The Ringed City‘s big bad (painful spoilers) — I’m reflecting on all the deaths I’ve endured at the hands of From Software. I’d be curious, afraid, and embarrassed to see an overall count stretching from Demon’s Souls up through Dark Souls III, with Bloodborne thrown in for good measure.

A certain patience-testing optional boss in The Ringed City has my number like few before it, and as I bide my time before I return for more punishment, I’ve been thinking about who, across all of these games, has wrecked me the hardest. It’s gotta be Bloodborne‘s Laurence, the First Vicar, a name that strikes fear in my heart to this day. Even that run up the stairs to face him gives me anxiety.

Which bosses have you struggled with the most, though? That’s what I’m really after!

I’m expecting some polar-opposite responses given the open nature of these games and the many ways in which you can approach fights. Reminiscing with Dennis and Ray last night about some of our biggest boss struggles, I’d spout off names like the Orphan of Kos (which personally took me no less than a few dozen attempts to best) and Dennis would come back into chat saying he’s never lost to him while adding that the Capra Demon of all things still gives him trouble. Meanwhile, during Ray’s recent Dark Souls III playthrough, the Ancient Wyvern was the only boss to kill him more than once.